• ProJoint™ Fusion™  

    The all weather paving joint compound

    The quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving. Simple to use, ProJoint™ Fusion™ allows an untrained hand to consistently deliver perfect joints every time - whatever the weather! 

    It delivers a weed free, frost resistant joint, without staining the paving - saving you time and money.  ProJoint™ Fusion™ is supplied in two vacuum-packed pouches within the tub.

    ProJoint™ Fusion™ is available in four colours: neutral (buff), mid grey, basalt and black.


  • Contractor-sized 15kg tubs - product supplied in two 7.5kg bags for easy handling and to minimise waste
  • Suitable for use in wet weather
  • Professional strength and suitable for joint widths of 3mm upwards
  • Cement free and non-hazardous
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic: ideal for paths and patios
  • Pre-mixed, ready to use and ideal for DIY use
  • Suitable for natural stone and concrete paving, setts and slabs

NOTE:  as sand is a natural product, some minimal colour variance may occur.  As screen colours can vary, the product colours shown above are representative only - for colour selection, cured product samples are available to view at your local stockist. 

Approximate coverage per 15kg tub:

  Order codes for ProJoint Fusion:

Joint Size
600x600mm slabs
Four size Indian
(600mm series)
100x100mm setts
5 x 25mm
10 x 25mm
15 x 25mm

  Pack size:
  Pallet quantity:
  64 (can be a combination 
  of product/colour)
  Product colour       
  Product code
  Mid grey
Following application, it is expected that this product may highlight and enhance the natural surface colours and textures of the paving. This is only a temporary effect as weathering and foot traffic accelerate its disappearance. Typically the sheen that remains is even and thin and dissipates over a short period of time. Please note that cold and wet conditions will increase the ProJoint Fusion curing (setting) time - freezing weather will cause the process to temporarily cease however it will set as temperatures increase and the quality of the finished product will not be affected.  

ProJoint Fusion is not recommended for use with porcelain paving - please see ProJoint Porcelain Primer and Grout product pages for details.

How to use ProJoint™ Fusion™

A full preparation and application guide can be downloaded

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MAX and vehicle
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