• ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout  

    Flexible high performance porcelain paving grout

    Specially formulated for porcelain paving, ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout has been developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm and is ideal for internal or external use. The anti-mould growth technology with added silicone, helps limit mould growth and allows ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout to repel water from the surface of the grout, whilst allowing vapour to pass through. The ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout is supplied in two 10kg bags to allow the bucket to act as the ideal mixing vessel.  

    ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout is available in four colours


  • Professional strength
  • Developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm
  • Suitable for external and internal use
  • Limits mould growth and repels water
  • Allows vapour to pass through the surface of the grout
  • Ready to mix
  • Two x 10kg bags contained within the lidded mixing tub

We recommend using the ProJoint Porcelain Primer prior to laying porcelain paving.

NOTE:  as sand is a natural product, some minimal colour variance may occur.  As screen colours can vary, the product colours shown above are representative only - for colour selection, cured product samples are available to view at your local stockist. 

  Approximate coverage per 20kg kit:

  Order codes for ProJoint Porcelain Grout:
Joint Size
1200 x 600mm
600 x 600mm
900 x 220mm
4 x 20mm
5 x 20mm
6 x 20mm

  Pack size:    20kg (2 x 10kg bags)
  Pallet quantity:  50 (can be combination
  of product/colour)
  Product colour:  Product code:  
  Neutral/buff  PG20N
  Mid grey  PG20G
  Basalt  PG20BA
  Black   PG20BK
A grout film and/or pigment stains (especially with dark colours) may remain on paving after jointing.  A trial grouting area is recommended to check suitability.  Always follow the paving manufacturer's recommendations.
Porcelain Grout Application
ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout preparation and application

A full preparation and application guide can be downloaded

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Porcelain Cleaner
Porcelain Cleaner

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ProJoint™ V35-UV™ is the perfect product for any sensitive or expensive stone.

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