• Case Studies

  • ProJoint MAX selected for Yorkshire garden re-design

    Wood Landscapes were commissioned to carry out a garden re-design at a beautiful home in Yorkshire last year.  The client requested the stone paving reflect that of the renovated old Yorkshire home, so Wood Landscapes recommended Rustic Slate, with its stunning array of natural colours, and chose to grout the joints in a mid grey compound.

    ProJoint MAX in mid grey was chosen by the team, and sourced from their local merchant, due to the strength a two part epoxy offers, as well as the knowledge that the joints will remian weed-free as well as pressure washer and frost resistant for years to come. 

    The photos shown have just been taken as Wood Landscapes were called back to build a bespoke gazebo in another area of the garden.  They were delighted that the paving - completed over 18 months ago - still looked absolutely fabulous!

Photographs courtesy of Wood Landscapes